Saturday, May 3, 2008

Former President Jimmy Carter Joins the Pelosi Club

Former President Jimmy Carter previously strongly hinted that he supported Senator Obama.  Since he did not officially endorse him, I did not add him to my Running List of Obama Endorsements.  But now President Carter has said he that as a superdelegate he would not go against the will of the people--he would vote for the winner of the pledged delegates, who is all but certain to be Barack Obama.  In short, President Carter has joined the Pelosi Club.  

“It would be undemocratic if the superdelegates blatantly went against the decision of Democratic voters across the nation... Whoever gets the most [pledged] delegates ought to be the nominee.”
 --Former President Jimmy Carter [source]
There are now 9 Pelosi Club members: 2 Obama supporters, 6 uncommitted, and 1 Clinton supporter (Maria Cantwell).   For the purposes of adjusting the superdelegate difference between Clinton and Obama, one should add the uncommitted SDs and twice the Clinton SDs in the club (because the latter will leave the Clinton column and move to the Obama column when the pledged delegate total is finalized)--i.e. one should adjust Obama's numbers up by 8 (=6+2*1).

For example, as of today, the Superdelegate Endorsement List has Clinton leading Obama 267 to 244, i.e. by 23 superdelegates.  But at the end of the primaries, the 6 uncommitted Pelosi Club members (Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Jimmy Carter, Governor Roy Romer, Christine Pelosi, Betty Richie, and Denise Johnson) will enter the Obama column, and the Clinton SD in the Pelosi Club, Maria Cantwell, will switch from Clinton to Obama, so the total really is 266 to 251, only a 15 SD lead for Clinton.  Many are watching for when Obama overtakes Clinton in superdelegates.  If one counts the Pelosi club members, it will happen perhaps a week earlier. 


Ceridianna said...

Positively skeptical? Is that like moving forward in all directions?
You seem to have your feet well planted however and as a thinking American (no pun intended)you would have no choice other than B.Obama to throw an endorsement behind.
A serious twist now; as a Canadian, I feel that the next choice of leader for your country directly impacts our lives to the north. Forgive my crossborder peeking, but I must you see.

eyesopen said...

I do think that this time world opinion matters. So I've written a brief post:

Canada is a great country. I found your single payer healthcare system to be very high quality and very efficient. It's too bad that most Americans know little about it, eh? Keep that wilderness preserved, especially the coastal temperate rainforest.

As for the profile, yes, it was meant to be a bit oxymoronic.

Ceridianna said...

The entire world is watching now and is constantly watching. America - the great, is always being watched (usually on CNN!)and so we have been conditioned to form our opinions based on the media. Most of the people I talk to believe that the news media is "owned" by the government. The glamour and hype surrounding the applied wars is worthy of a large bowl of Orville's best and a Big Gulp of anything carbonated!
I'm just teasing of course...
In regards the Italian's opinion, well, in a more concise turn of phrase - if you are really fed up, vote OBAMA, if you dig the schtick
But, eo, what amazes me is how gullable our fellow man can be in regards - media. Atrocities, performed each and every day all over the world by each and every nation man to man, man to beast and man to earth are just not amplified the way the American activities are. I guess size has it's disadvantages too...the funny part is that we/you/us place ourselves under the mediascope and with morbid self examination, become exhilerated by our funked out findings. Weirdly tragic.
I think Canada is wonderful too. I have American friends and they are actually quite brilliant. I like the Italian, rise to the defense of the American people. As a whole, I find them lovely, and worthy of celebrating!
Yes, I love the old growth forests and crisp cool air in the spring and fall, and the ocean, full of wonder here on the coast.
Just want to say how much I'm enjoying reading your notes and thoughts - quite like the humour tucked in and around.