Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama Challenges Smears

When someone says something truly ridiculous about you, you have two options: ignore it or rebut it.  If you rebut it, you risk elevating the person making the charge.  But if you ignore it, some people may believe it is true.  In 2004, John Kerry chose not to rebut criticism from a right wing group of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that challenged Kerry's war record.  This kind of unfounded attack on something that should be your greatest strength is now called "swiftboating."   It cost Kerry dearly.   By the time he responded, it was too late to change some people's opinions.  [It is is interesting how a belief can sometimes be cemented in the mind quickly and firmly enough to resist all attempts to alter it using factual information.]

Senator Obama has decided it is better to rebut the spurious charges than to leave them unchallenged.  His campaign has set up a website to rebut smears.  If anyone you know has heard a scurrilous rumor about Barack Obama, please send them to:

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