Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama 30 Minute TV Message--It's About Us

Here is the 3o minute video the Obama campaign aired tonight on network television (minus three minutes of live feed from Florida shown at the end).  The video weaves through the tapestry of his campaign by tracing the threads of people across the US.

Senator Obama's campaign has been different in many ways, but principally because it has been driven by ordinary citizens.  We have contributed the money which has fueled it. We have provided the stories which inspired it. We have used our creativity, our ideas, and our heart to further it. We have created art, music, videos, and blogs.  We have made calls and knocked on doors in neighboring states.  We have held house parties and major concerts.  And the campaign has welcomed our participation and involved us at nearly every level.  A vote for Obama is a vote for us.

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