Thursday, January 8, 2009

Inauguration Ticket Essay Contest

The Obama campaign is giving away 10 tickets to the Presidential Inauguration via an essay contest phrased as, "what does the inauguration mean to you?"   Here is my entry:

Exclamation Point
Once in a great while, a nation alters its course through history, casts off its shackles of fear, and turns resolutely to face the challenges of the past, present and future.  As its people wake from a nightmare of illogic, indifference and intolerance, they assemble, shoulder to shoulder, ready to overcome old divisions and new obstacles, with reason, determination and humanity.  Celebrating their power to chart a new course, they gather as one, having reached an exclamation point. Yes we can!

[photo: March on Washington (Program), 08/28/1963; Bayard Rustin Papers; John F. Kennedy Library; National Archives and Records Administration.]

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