Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Monthday!

Science Sense is one month old today!  It's turned out to be more about politics than I expected, mostly due to the fact that this is a presidential election year in the US.  That should simmer down in another month, by which time the nominees for the Democrats and Republicans will probably have been decided.

When I started the blog, I installed an invisible counter (now visible) to give me a sense of how many hits I was getting.  It gives me the rough location each reader.  By 'rough' I mean that, for example, it thinks I am in Connecticut instead of Long Island.  But I think it is usually right within say 100 km.  Above is a map of my readers this month.  

As you can see, you come from all over the world.  This is truly amazing to me.  Yes, I know all about cyberspace, and the global village, but somehow I did not expect such geographical diversity in my readers.  Some of you look me up once on some search, others tune in nearly every day.  One of you from Finland wants to know about Ron Paul's views on evolution, one of you from UK wants to know about champagne bubbles, and one of you from Korea wants to know about Science Debate 2008.  I get about 100 hits a week, which I think is pretty good for the first month.  Here are the top five search subjects which led you to my blog (in order):
  • Science Debate 2008
  • Champagne Bubbles
  • Ron Paul & Evolution
  • Thought Experiments or Cannonballs
  • Second Amendment
  • Barack Obama
I'd like this to be a bit more of a two-way street.  I've been meaning to do more science posts, and I have a few planned about elementary particle physics, quantum computers, global warming, evolution, and cosmology.  But what do you want to know about?  If you have a request, email me, or post a comment.

Until then, happy monthday!

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