Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama Trounces Clinton in New York Straw Poll

Last night, the Bellmore-Merrick Democratic club of Long Island New York held a straw poll.  The room was packed with people from all over the Island.  Both campaigns tried to get as many party activists as they could to the event.  The crowd was energized, some carrying Hillary signs, but most of us carrying Obama signs.  We listened to some well crafted speeches by representatives of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Dennis Kucinich.  Following that was an hour of questions.  Then came a straw poll.  

It was not even close (as spun by Newsday).   Not only did Barack get 56% of the vote of the Democrats, but there were a number of Independents and Republicans for Barack at the event who could not participate (because the poll was open only to registered Democrats).  (btw, the term we have been using for a "Republican supporter of Obama" is "Obamican".  There is no need for a corresponding term for Hillary Clinton.)  So among people interested enough to volunteer for a candidate on Long Island, Barack Obama has a clear lead.   That's pretty amazing given that Hillary is the sitting US Senator for New York State.
Here is the official tally:

Barack Obama 143 56%
Hillary Clinton 108 42%
John Edwards    3 1%
Dennis Kucinich   2 1%


josh h said...

Go Obama, Go New York - YES YOU CAN!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you liked it

Bob Young
President Merrick Bellmore Democratic Club