Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lawrence Krauss on Religion

Here is an interview with Lawrence Krauss about science and religion  from Point of Inquiry.  The interview is about half an hour long, so here's the main thing I got out of it.  Krauss argues that scientists should convey what they have learned studying nature, particularly in the area of biological evolution, but that, in the end, religious beliefs (or lack thereof) are outside science's purview.   Thus he is somewhat at odds with Richard Dawkins, at least in style.

My own view is complicated, but I promise I will eventually write some posts on it.  For now, let me say that I definitely agree with Krauss' criticism of Dawkins.   I also agree wholeheartedly with Lawrence's call for greater scientific literacy, which is one of the motivations for this blog.
[I should mention that I've met Krauss several times, and he is involved with Science Debate 2008, but I don't think any of that has colored my view of this issue.  Krauss gets involved in many things.  If you're reading this Larry, I just want to know, do you sleep?  :) ] 

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