Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Huckabee Plans to Insert "God's Standards" into the US Constitution

I had been thinking that Huckabee was basically harmless, doling out religious pablum to his base.  But this is quite scary.  He says, "and that's what we need to do is to amend the constitution so it's in God's standards...".    If this doesn't scare you, read on.

The US Constitution is the legal bedrock of this stable yet heterogeneous society.  It enshrines the separation of  church and state and protects the rights of believers and nonbelievers of all types.  Inclusion of "God's standards" would be antithetical to the whole document.  Whose God?  Whose interpretation of her standards? 
I think politicians use religion to further their own ends, usually in a divisive way.  They play upon people's faith and drive wedges between us.  When people are guided by unshakable beliefs, they can be convinced to commit unspeakable acts.  So when a politician uses religious language, always ask yourself, "Am I being manipulated?".

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Thanks for the link to the Cornucopia of Awesomeness re Huckabee. I don't normally post about American Politics, so it was refreshing to see a link come of it.